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Getting Past Political Name Calling For Worthy Dialogues

Why is it that in America we love to talk about politics, and yet, are so often unwilling to converse with others that are of a different political view? Isn't it amazing how fast folks get angry with us when they disagree with what we feel to be self-evident, and truth about a political issue?

Worse, during the political season, which these days seems to never end as Presidential Campaigns start 22-months prior the actual elections, and during the mid-term elections, why they are out campaigning a full year and half prior, mostly collecting their war chest and monies to bombard our minds by way of the TV Set!

Still, it's time we all got along, and stopped allowing politicians and parties to divide us, as we are all Americans here. Recently, while having a political discussion and dialogue with an acquaintance of mine, she said; "I don't often come across someone like you who welcomes political dialogue."

It is not often that anyone would accept such an invitation. It's rare that an individual is willing to dump their ideologues long enough to continue without getting hostile. It is one of the problems in America with our political discussions, as statesmanship breaks down, and swear-words ensue. It gets worse online where people are using fake names, and screen names, as they yell back and forth at each other calling them names. "Sound and Fury" and I do not care to participate anymore.

Perhaps, you might consider these truths yourself and invite a friendly political discussion from another, let's get talking America!