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How Do I Save My Marriage Now: 3 Actions Steps That Cannot Wait

You know you want to work on your marriage, and yet there is a voice inside your head that keeps reminding you of other things that ought to be done first. The most important lesson to learn here is that the voices inside your head are not God. It could simply be your habit of putting things off. Here is the biggest life lesson that you will get: life cannot and will not wait. There will never, ever be the best time to do anything unless you make that time. So if you want to save your marriage, the best time would be now.

Here are 3 very simple yet essential ways that you can start immediately:

1) Stop complaining. It is true that when you complain, the world agrees with you, because if life were perfect there would be nothing to talk about. You must decide when you will stop talking and start working towards the marriage that you want. If your complaints do not end with a resolution or an action plan for how to do things differently, then you are clearly wasting your time and your efforts. The first step towards action is to consciously stop complaining to yourself, and to anyone else who has previously listened to you.

2) Do it yourself. Apply this rule to any problem in your marriage that you may tell yourself in your mind. If your husband does not dress up for you, the solution is to dress up for him and put on his favorite perfume. If he ignores you in a crowd, introduce him to your friends with pride and happiness. Be all the things you want to see in your husband, without any expectation for him to reciprocate. Your unabashed and unconditional change of heart towards him will make all the difference.

3) Change bad habits. You will save your marriage by ending habits that do not serve any benefit to you or your husband. The best way to end a bad habit is to replace it with a good one, meaning you spend that amount of time and energy engaging in a productive action that helps your marriage. You will be able to tell which habits to keep and which to replace when you ask yourself how each habit helps or hinders your relationship. If you see no harm, and still no benefit either in a habit of yours, opt for another past-time that gives you more in return.

Saving your marriage is a conscious decision that requires resolve and action. Do not wait for the stars and planets to align themselves for the perfect time to start. It is your marriage, and so whenever you take the first step is the best time. The best time is now. Save your marriage.

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