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Sneakers - The Brand of Cool

Back in high school, literally everybody sported Nike, Jordan, or Reebok kicks, there was other folks who preferred the Converse, Vans, and maybe K-Swiss. But Nike, Jordan, and Reebok were the kicks to wear. Ah, I remember those Nike CrossTrainers were a hit for all the athletes, and those Air Jordans, pretty much any Air Jordan shoe was the cool thing to wear. Reebok really hit the nail on the head with those Reebok Classics with the velcro, those were really nice. Aw, those were the days.

Now, it's been ten years since High School (Yeah, I'm not that old). My buddies and I, have moved on from those brands, we are wearing Creative Recreation, Supras, Generic Surplus, and PF Flyers. Our Kids are now wearing the Nikes and Jordans. Sure, we buy a pair of Jordans once in a while, but I guess we kind of grew out of them. And now its time for our kids to wear Nike and Jordan. My 3 year old daughter is sporting some Air Jordan Spizikes and one of my buddies son is wearing a pair of Air Jordan Jeter Throwbacks and love them! I love my pair of M's Hunting Low by Generic Surplus, they're comfortable, stylish and go with pretty much anything.

Now that I have a family, I have to think of them, specifically my daughter, so that means no more expensive sneakers for me, but plenty for her. So I get a good deal buying Generic Surplus for about $60 and my daughter gets any shoe of her choice, its all about her now. So I'm happy. It will be this way until, she grows up and moves out, or when I win the lottery.

So what's your story? Did you grow out of the popular Nike and Jordan brands? Or are you still a big sneaker buff and has a closet full - wait, a collection of sneakers in your home? Are you like me, you wont allow your kids to wear any other brand, unless its Nike, Jordan, Reebok, and maybe Adidas, Converse, or Vans? The family life is wonderful.